The Paranormal

The Rochdale Poltergeist

The year is 1995 and while the rest of the United Kingdom are basking in a scorching heatwave, one family in a town called Rochdale are suffering at the hands of poltergeist activity. The story had caught the attention of the Manchester Evening News (see newspaper clipping below) when they ran a story called “Spooky ... Read more

Carl John: Guiding The Ghost Walk

Cardiff; the Welsh capital…so often associated with hordes of sports fans on international rugby days, tourists visiting the castle grounds and music fans filling one of it’s many diverse venues…it’s a busy, thriving, modern city center…but like most places it has it’s secrets. Today we’re going to be taking a sneak peak into some of ... Read more

Making The Para…Normal

There are a lot of posts going round the Internet and Social Media claiming “this is paranormal” or “that is paranormal”. We all love a good ghost story or maybe something that just cannot be explained (hence the name of our site), however, most of the time you will find that with a little bit ... Read more